IMAGES Most Admired Category Performer of the Year For Category
Heads / Managers in the following categories :

• Staples
• Processed Food & Savories
• Beverages & Confectionery
• Fresh Foods – Fruits and Vegetable
• Grocery – Non Food
• Frozen & Ready to Eat
• International Foods
• Meat Fish & Live Stocks
• Tobacco & Liquor
• Dairy

IMAGES Most Admired Food & Grocery Professional of the Year

IMAGES Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year Chains Stores:
• Large Format Chains
• Supermarket Chains – National & Regional
• Specialty Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Multiple Formats

IMAGES Most Admired Independent Retailer of the Year
North / East / West / South

IMAGES Most Admired Food & Grocery Retail innovation of The Year

IMAGES Awards for Excellence in Operations
• Instore Technology Adoption
• Supply Chain Management
• Human Resource Policies & Initiatives
• Marketing, Consumer Promotions
• Loyalty Programe Implementation

IMAGES Most Admired Brand – Retailer Partnership of the Year (1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017)
(Live Presentation by Finalists selected by Prelim Jury)

Retailers and brands share their stunning success stories of collaboration in building new consumption/ product categories or transforming a traditional category with innovation.

7 Finalists to present

5 Minutes (AV) Video – showcasing their concept, execution and results.
(The 5 minutes AV/ video to be in 16:9 ratio to be played in VLC player during awards function.)

Followed by 3 minutes interaction with JURY and Audience