Yash Agarwal

Founder, National Mart India Founder & ED
Ratnadeep Retail

Yash Agarwal is an Executive Director of Ratnadeep Retail and the Founder and brains behind National Mart(India Ka Supermarket). Yash joined the board of Ratnadeep in April 2019 with his first task being the rebranding of the then 30- year-old organization and giving it a bold new look! Mr Agarwal is driven by his own vision of making quality groceries and essentials, affordable and accessible to the whole of India!  He is very committed to this vision and makes sure that any steps he takes for both Ratnadeep and National Mart are in line with the goals of the organization.
His leadership and strategic planning has been instrumental in the exponential growth that Ratnadeep has experienced since the time he joined the organization. With a far-sighted vision and the skills to turn his vision into reality, it's evident that Yash Agarwal will take both Ratnadeep and National Mart to new heights!