Karan Tanna

Founder & CEO
Ghost Kitchens India

Karan Tanna, Founder & CEO at Ghost Kitchens, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering and embarked on his professional career as the Assistant Manager at General Motors and later as a Research Analyst at McKinsey and Company. As entrepreneurship was always on top of his mind he launched a restaurant named Goodies, further he partnered with Kutchi King, a QSR chain and influenced its’ growth to 300 chains in 3 years. Post this he founded and established Yellow Tie Hospitality as India’s first organized franchise management company which had a portfolio of 10 brands with 100+ stores across Pan India Karan has been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30. He also made it to the list of GQ’s 50 Most Influential Young Indian as well as the Entrepreneur 35 under 35.

A Founding member and First National Head of NRAI Youth Committee, he served at the apex organization to highlight improvements about how restaurant industry runs in India. Karan wanted to create a larger impact by reducing the unpopular high attrition rate of restaurant industry. He decided to do this by solving the problem of thousands of restaurant owners of not being able to leverage food delivery. Hence, he established Ghost Kitchens which would go on to create 25+ specialized food delivery brands and its proprietary tech platform which could be leveraged by restaurants to become profitable by generating incremental food delivery orders.

Under his leadership & ambition Ghost Kitchens has grown to have expanded to 150 Fulfilment Partners and 30 Brands throughout India in 40 cities with 1100 Internet Restaurants. Karan aims to influence the lives of at least 10,000 food entrepreneurs and support them with incremental profits from their existing premises. On the personal front he is a cinema buff and enjoys watching movies of all kinds. Karan also follows a lot of OTT content. Besides that, Karan also enjoys interacting with various start-up ecosystems and entrepreneurs hailing from food industry. He is also a seasoned startup angel investor and has a portfolio of 15 + companies.