7th Edition
IMAGES Food Service Awards 2023

01 Dec, 2023

The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake

Assessment Period: January 2023 till date
Entry Closes on 24th October, 2023

Who can nominate:Food Service Chains, QSR: Indian Origin, QSR: Foreign Origin, Cafes & Juice Bars, Ice-cream & Dessert Parlors, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Pubs & Bars, Kiosk/ Express Format, Food Court, Cloud (Dark) Kitchen, Travel Retail, Entertainment, Aggregator, any other Speciality Food Service Operator

(The entrant can participate in more than one award category if qualifies as per eligibility criteria and meets the definition of concerned award category)

Indian / Foreign Origin - A stand alone outlet or chain that was operating throughout the assessment period
  1. QSR - Primarily offering “quick-service” food of any cuisine
  2. Cafe/Juice Bar - Primarily offering juices / coffee / tea / smoothies / other non-alcoholic beverages with light snacks
  3. Ice-cream & Dessert Parlour - Primarily offering ice-creams / gelatos / frozen desserts / pastries / cakes / other sweets & desserts
  4. Pub & Bar - Primarily offering alcoholic beverages (beer / wine / liquor) and selective food items within the premises
  5. Speciality Restaurant - Primarily offering Depth & Width in Single Product Assortment
  6. Dine-In - Primarily offering dine-in food of any cuisine
  7. Bakery - Primarily offering bakery cuisine
  8. Unique Food Service Concept / Format - For eg staff-less/ paper-less/ cash-less/ drive-through/ green/ kiosks in non conventional locations
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A food court that has a common foodservice area offering multiple cuisines / brands / formats / concepts in a standalone location or within a facility (eg. Cinemas, Malls, Travel Retail, Entertainment Centres, Office Complexes, Leisure Locations, Hospitals etc. ). A food court may have counters of multiple food vendors with a common area for self-serve dining / take aways or may have multiple outlets with dine in facility.

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An outstanding story of Cloud kitchens- single brand, multi-brand, store front, no storefront – showcasing their cloud / dark kitchen concept, ideas, execution strategy, implementation stages and payoffs/ results.

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An outstanding story of business transformation in 2023 with details of planning, execution strategy, implementation stages and payoffs/ results.

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Outstanding Innovation/s by Food Service Retailer/ Operator with unique idea/s and strategy enhancing or differentiating it’s proposition in any of its operations- unveiled in 2023– with details on its execution and results in terms of effectively serving customers ‘New’ needs, creating differentiation, engagement of customers or multi stakeholder, increased sales/ consumption with positive feedback/ coverage/ and recognition. Nominations may be filed in multiple categories as below:

  1. Marketing & Promotions
  2. Customer Service/ Experience/ Acquisition
  3. Employee Practices
  4. Production, Processing & Packaging
  5. Menu Design, Display & Presentation
  6. Ordering, Payment & Delivery
  7. Business Support
  8. Any Other Functional Area

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An outlet launch in 2023, having drawn significant consumer, industry and media attention.

Nominations may be filed in multiple categories by Food Service Retailer/ Operator in the following categories:
  1. Debut Outlet
  2. New Outlet
  3. Flagship Outlet
  4. Concept Restaurant / Café/ Speciality format
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2023 Success stories of Effective Tech Implementations – with details of execution strategy, implementation stages and payoffs/ results - in areas like:

  1. Technology Adoption
  2. Ease of Doing Business
  3. Loyalty Program implementation
  4. Digital Supply Chain Transformation
Nominations may be filed in multiple categories by Food Service retailers/ operators.

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A Success Story of ONE Specific Outlet (operated by a FS global major / national or local company with a chain of restaurants or just one outlet) operational since 1st Jan, 2022 or before having shown outstanding performance in terms of YOY Growth in per sq.ft. revenues.

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An outstanding story of market expansion in 2023.

  1. New Market Penetration
  2. Trading Area Growth
  3. Store Count Augmentation
  4. Acquisition of New Customer Segments
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The Quick Commerce Food & Grocery Retail Aggregator has demonstrated exceptional service by offering a platform or service that enables the efficient aggregation and prompt delivery of food and grocery items to customers within a short timeframe.