Dear Friends,

INDIA FOOD FORUM has evolved over the last 11 years into India’s most robust and influential platform for the Food industry.

Traversing across trends over the years, the annual mega congregation at the forum has begun presenting a powerful trio – Food and Grocery, Food Service and Food Retail Tech – to tie up the entire spectrum of food consumers and enablers who are shaping the growth of the industry.

For over a decade now, India Food Forum has gathered key decision makers from every component of the food supply chain — from producers, processors to distributors, marketers, service providers, restaurant and hospitality companies and retailers — to push for best-practices in food and grocery retail and food service sectors in India. Every year, thousands of exhibitors, delegates and visitors from India and overseas have collaborated to create new business opportunities for not just domestic food brands, but also scores of foreign food and FMCG businesses.

At the upcoming forum, we will launch India’s first Food Startups & Innovation Convention engaging food entrepreneurs, investors and food start-ups, support organizations and professionals.

As an economy with a strong agricultural base, India is blessed with immense natural resources, which if harnessed in a responsible and far-reaching manner, have the potential to propel us to the top of the globe’s economic powers. India is also a land of huge opportunities for international consumer brands, which are developing variants to cater to the taste and offer more choice to the ever evolving and growing base of Indian consumers. Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has already spelt out his dream of a strong, self-reliant nation through his visionary ‘Make in India’ campaign. As businesses directly or indirectly connected to the Food business, we should now take it upon ourselves to imbibe global best practices, innovation and bold initiatives to facilitate the evolution of India into a world-class food market. This is not possible without the collective thought and effort of global experts, policy makers, private enterprises and all those who have invested in any component of the Food & FMCG supply chain of India. India Food Forum has proved to be an ideal forum for such deliberations.

As Chairman of India Food Forum 2018, I invite all stakeholders of the Food & FMCG business in India to join the 11th annual mega confluence of India Food Forum from 17th to 19th January, 2018. Here, you all can share innovations, ideas, achievements, emerging trends and learn from insights and experiences of others. The forum will also feature international pavilions of various foreign trade bodies and countries, alongside leading domestic food brands and retail concepts, providing an opportunity to showcase and demonstrate products and expertise.

Chairman, India Food Forum 2018
President & CEO, Walmart India