Technology is possibly the biggest influencer of consumer behaviour in the modern world. From molecular gastronomy to online ordering, technology has dramatically impacted not just how food ingredients are sourced and used, but also how grocery is retailed through online and mobile interfaces, and how the consumer is displaying altogether new shopping behaviours.

The explosion of e-commerce destinations and digital media has created an incredibly urgent need to monitor shopper behaviour in real time. Insights need to be drawn as events happen, and executed before the next lost sale or an out-of-stock situation happens.

Wherever they may choose to transact today — physical or online spaces — consumers leave ‘footprints’, in the form of in-store behaviour, page views, abandoned carts, social media chatter, among a thousand other tiny tell-tales. From tech-savvy millennials to aging boomers, the ways in which consumers gather information in their path to purchase are multiple, but they CAN be mined. And optimised to deliver ‘WOW’ experiences.

India Food Retail Tech is a focussed and one of its kind forum for business leaders, CTOs, CIOs and technology majors operating in the food retail and Foodservice spaces. The Forum will showcase end-to-end solutions for these sectors — from supply chain all the way to customer analytics and online retail models.

A tailored platform for technology solution providers to showcase the latest products, innovations, services, tools and solutions, IFRT is also the perfect environment for delegates / attendees to discover insights and the most innovative products and solutions to optimise the massive opportunity in the Indian food sector.